Future of Radio

Kleine Zaal, Thursday 23 February, 11.30 CET

Radio is going through a renaissance. In a world of infinite choice, curation is key.  However, there is a disconnect between the traditional lean back radio listener, content with whatever is being served up to them, and the more engaged, more empowered streaming audience who see radio as a historic media.

As streaming becomes a mass-market proposition, does radio accept the collision course or is it safe as a stand-alone offering? What can streaming learn from radio?  What is the role of human interaction, and the personality of a curator, in driving longevity for artists?

Our panellists discussing the reinvention of radio are:

Cherie Hu Media & Entertainment Contributor, Forbes (US) (moderator)

Ben Lawrence Head of Partnerships, Mixcloud

Kate Holder Producer (Huw Stephens), BBC Radio 1

Sam Potts Head of Radio, Columbia Records UK

Sammy Andrews Director, Entertainment Intelligence

The Business of Making Music

Kleine Zaal, Thursday 23 February, 13.15 CET

The way people make music is changing, for better and for worse. The constant pressure to create, often whilst on the road, can cause frustration and ultimately compromise, while the demands for exclusive content (for brands, streaming services and radio stations) can be unending. The number of media outlets (social and traditional) that urgently demand constant updates can crowd out the important business of strategy and planning. Meanwhile, new models give opportunity to reach new audiences, whilst also needing managing. They bring data and insight, but this can be different across platforms and difficult to manage at all, let alone successfully.

How do you balance creating and managing? Are there any secrets to maintaining creativity whilst juggling these responsibilities? Do labels play a productive role in driving creativity, or are they pushing for follow up releases too quickly? And – as consumer attention spans shorten further – how will these dynamics play out in the future?

Our panellists looking at the business of “the business” are:

Liz Stokes Editor, Record of the Day (moderator)

Anna Pancaldi Artist

Claire Mas Head of Digital, Communion Music Group

Rich Robinson Senior Vice President, Synchronisation UK & Europe, Warner Music Group

Sulinna Ong Vice President, Artist Marketing, Deezer

Future of Ticketing

Kleine Zaal, Thursday 23 February, 14.00 CET

Consumers are hungry for experiences, driving incredible growth in live music around the world. Venues are more effective at selling additional services on site (food, beverages, car parking) whilst promoters are bundling VIP experiences with tickets to boost revenues. Lurking in the shadows – or sometimes in plain sight – there is the booming secondary market, who share none of the upside with rights holders.

Artists are taking more control of their own ticketing, and going out of their way to fight the touts. As live music continues to grow, our panel discuss what the key challenges are in the ticketing world, and which players are in the driving seat. Could improved monetisation across the whole value chain could break the market?

Our panellists tackling these ticketing tactics are:

Jon Chapple Contributing Editor, IQ Mag (moderator)

Gareth Deakin Founder & CEO, Out & About Consulting

Mark Minkman Executive Director, Paradiso

Matthijs Boom Artist Manager, Matthijs Boom Management

Sarah Slater Director, Business Development – Music, Ticketmaster

Lessons from Gaming

Kleine Zaal, Thursday 23 February, 16.30 CET

In stark contrast to music, gaming has seen an incredible boom in the digital age. Whilst music relies on squeezing its core fans, gaming has grown their causal audience through apps and their hardcore gamer audience through tech innovations such as Virtual Reality and social phenomena like eSports.

Now, gaming is very different to music, because it can stop people consuming their products for free. But there are many lessons to be learned about growing audiences, deepening engagement and ultimately monetising that audience. Our expert panel share some of the ways gaming is making money and how the music industry might benefit too.

Our panellists discussing the state of play in the gaming industry are:

Julia Hardy Video Games Presenter, BBC Radio 1 (moderating)

Craig Fletcher Founder, Multiplay / SVP eSports & Partnerships, GAME

Leahloveschief Partnered Streamer & Influencer, Twitch

Samantha Kingston Founder & Client Director, Virtual Umbrella

Wayne Emanuel Corporate Business Manager – Gaming, War Child UK

Exploring Music Marketing

Kleine Zaal, Friday 24 February, 13.00 CET

Music marketing is a moving target. As soon as one act has success with a new strategy, everyone is trying to replicate it. The music industry is at the cutting edge for some of these new developments, and brands are clamoring for authentic, credible content, but exclusives mean that bands are often being asked to create more in order to keep up with their obligations.

Meanwhile, the growth of streaming has fundamentally changed consumer engagement from a 2-year album cycle, to an ‘always on’ mentality. The challenge for marketeers is to juggle high presales and week one numbers, whilst building a sustainable campaign that won’t see streams disappear as quickly as traditional sales would.

In a world where the number one single doesn’t change for 15 weeks, the validity of the chart comes under question. What are the new metrics are needed to measure success in the new world?  And how can music compete for consumer attention in an ever more cluttered digital space?

Our panellists navigating this marketing minefield are:

Liz Stokes Editor, Record of the Day (moderator)

Emily Scoggins Head of Marketing, The O2

Fred Bolza Vice President, Strategy, Sony Music UK

Karma Bertelsen Marketing Manager, Kilimanjaro Live

Lucy Blair Director, International Sales & Marketing, The Orchard

Future of Music + Tech

Kleine Zaal, Friday 24 February, 16.00 CET

Technology has always been viewed with suspicion by the music industry. From the invention of the gramophone there have been concerns that technology will destroy the value (inherent or financial) of the music industry.  The gramophone, for those who didn’t notice, complimented the live music business with a $20bn-a-year new revenue stream. 

There is a lot of excitement about new technologies; virtual reality, augmented reality, chatbots and the “Internet of Things”. What are these new technologies? What are the business models that underpin them, and how will they transform fan engagement with content? Most importantly, what will it all mean for the music industry?

Our panellists looking at these future synergies are:

Stuart Dredge Contributing Editor, Music Ally (moderator)

Emmy Lovell Vice President, Digital, Warner Music Group

Rob Hampson Creative Director & Head of Design, We Make Awesome Sh*

Sam Flamand-Gloyne Senior Product Manager, StubHub

Steven Hancock COO & Co-Founder, MelodyVR

Future of the Music Industry

Kleine Zaal, Friday 24 February, 17.00 CET

Last year, this panel got a little out of hand, with the future of the industry discussed/debated over a beverage or four by a selection of speakers from across FastForward 2016.  

With plenty of room for audience questions in an ‘open floor’ panel format, this no-holds-barred panel pulls together the key talking points from the conference, critiquing where appropriate, and kicking around some of the more controversial notions, as well as offering a light-hearted end to proceedings.

Expect arguments about VR & AR, label deals & streaming exclusives, and whether data really is the new oil – or is actually the next Crowdmix.

The panellists with the task of wrapping up the two days of FFWD2017 and debating what the crystal ball holds are:

Chris Carey CEO, Media Insight Consulting (moderator)

Claire Mas Head of Digital, Communion Music Group

Darren Hemmings Managing Director, Motive Unknown

Karma Bertelsen Marketing Manager, Kilimanjaro Live

Samantha Kingston Co-Founder & Client Director, Virtual Umbrella

Silvia Montello Senior Vice President, Recordings Supply Chain & Client Services, Kobalt Music