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#FFWD2017 Interactive Zone

We’ve got something new this year in Amsterdam for FastForward 2017. Bringing AiSolve, MQA, StubHub and PlayStation VR with us, we’ve got a place for you to try out some of the technologies that you’ll be hearing about; the #FFWD2017 Interactive Zone.

This Interactive Zone will be operating throughout the conference for you to experience some of the newest products coming out of these innovative companies.


AiSolve is a multidisciplinary team of seasoned specialists with an exceptional edge in creation of “intelligent” digital content with real-time interactions, creatively combines virtual with physical environments to offer cutting edge virtual reality (VR), immersive reality (IR) and Mixed Reality (MR) entertainment and display solutions. This year at FastForward 2017, AiSolve will showcase WePlayVR, a free-roam multiplayer Virtual Reality indoor experience.


Imagine being present at the original studio performance of your favourite recording artist. Every nuance, every subtlety, every tiny drop of emotion delivered to your ears in all its intricate detail. This is Master Quality Authenticated – or MQA. Using pioneering scientific research into how people hear, the master MQA file is fully authenticated in the studio and is small enough to stream, while also being backward compatible, so you can play MQA music on any device.


StubHub ventured into new tech territory in mid-2016 when they partnered with Microsoft’s Skype communication platform to develop one of the first ticketing-centric chatbot messengers. In addition to showing how this technology works, StubHub will also be demonstrating their new ‘Virtual View’ tech with Google Cardboard.


Sony’s PlayStation VR headset has, in the three months since its launch, gone on to become the most successful VR headset on the market. Despite it not being as feature-rich as the HTC Vive, nor as flashy as Oculus Rift, the market has seen that it’s truly the first consumer-friendly VR headset to come to market. See what all the hype is about and try out some of the PSVR’s games and music-based apps.