[accordion] [accordions title=”Better Together: Creative Industry Partnerships” state=”opened”]

Friday 15 September, 10.15 BST

We live in an attention economy, where collaboration with brands and other entertainment media, such as gaming, film, sports, and fashion, can help to grow our revenues through both sharing and engaging audiences together. What can we do to drive discovery and engagement of music to new audiences? What makes for a successful campaign for two companies, with different incentives, and in different sectors? And what does it mean for the artist-fan relationship? With gatekeepers and decision-makers from across different entertainment silos, our panel aims to address these changing industry relationships.

Our panellists discussing the intersection of industries are:


Rees Hitchcock Creative Planner & Agency Marketing, FRUKT (moderator)

Alex Clough Social Media Director, Splendid Communications

Bob Workman SVP Partnerships, Warner Music Group

Miranda Kempin Sync & Licencing, Brands and Music Supervision, Sony/ATV Publishing

Sergio Pimentel Senior Creative, Ninja Tune

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Friday 15 September, 11.45 BST

It is widely agreed that data can be a really powerful ally to the music industry. However, there is a real skill in using data to sharpen and drive your decisions. Our expert panel discuss some common errors to avoid and share real world examples of best practice for using new & existing data to make you smarter, richer and happier.

Our panellists looking at the “do’s” and “don’ts” for music data are:

Stu Dredge Contributing Editor, Music Ally (moderator)

Chloé Julien CEO, BandSquare (France)

Chris Carey CEO, Media Insight Consulting

Samantha Mandel-Dallal Head of Content Insight, Spotify

Síofra McComb Head of International Sales & Marketing, !K7 Records (Germany)

[/accordions][accordions title=”Reaching Audiences: Lessons from Broadcasting” state=”closed”]

Friday 15 September, 13.30 BST

Broadcasting has been in a state of flux for the last decade. The rise of narrowcast content, where people consume on their own terms, at their convenience, has disrupted traditional broadcasting. However, amongst wave after wave of disruption, broadcast media is changing and adapting. Competition is coming from all sides, and from non-traditional broadcasters. In a world of infinite choice, how are broadcasters making money and engaging audiences? And how is this going to unfold in the coming 18 months?

Our panellists discussing the wide and narrow path(s) of broadcasting are:


Rebecca Stewart Reporter, The Drum (moderator)

Claudia de Wolff VP, Creative Content & Programming, UK & International, Vevo

Dusko Justic VP, International Marketing, Sony Music

Kellie While Head of Creative, 7digital

Sean Adams Social Media Producer, BBC Radio 6 Music

[/accordions][accordions title=”Future of Songwriting” state=”closed”]

Friday 15 September, 17.00 BST

Songwriting is often overlooked, as people focus on the voice and the stage. Songwriters, by contrast, are often behind the scenes, creating music from nothing but their creativity. As the demands from social media, tour schedules, record deadlines and an expectant fan-base grow, the art of creating something exceptional is challenged. How are these writers finding inspiration, honing their craft, and keeping up with demand in this changing world?

Our panellists looking to the future of songwriting are:

Cherie Hu Music & Tech Contributor, Forbes (USA) (moderator)

Charlie Andrew Award-winning Producer & MD, Square Leg Records

Chiara Hunter Artist & Songwriter; signed to Sony/ATV Publishing (Australia)

Fiona Bevan Artist & Songwriter; Ed Sheeran, One Direction

Kimberly Anne Artist & Songwriter; signed to Universal Music Publishing

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