FastForward: What is it?

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The future of the music industry starts here.

FastForward is a music business platform that exists to connect and engage a diverse group of ambitious under 35s, laying the foundation for a sustainable career in the modern music industry.

The conference takes place across two days, offering a combination of keynote speeches, interactive panel discussions, and specialist ‘FastFifteen’ presentations that explore the latest trends to emerge in music and technology.

While FastForward is aimed at under 35s, there are no strict rules as to who can attend. By limiting the attendance numbers, this event will allow for deeper networking. It’s not about revenue – it’s about meaningful discussion. Those establishing themselves in the industry who want to expand their network, rather than those who are fully established already, will find it most valuable.

The Vision

“The vision for FastForward was not only to bring together a group of young people, innovative people, the next generation of leaders in the music industry, but to break down industry silos, and build a community of people who want to see a different future to the past we’ve had.” 

– Chris Carey, Founder of FastForward

Taking the ‘annual conference’ model out of its mould, FastForward has also established a series of FFWD Social events across the year, in addition to securing FastForward-curated Guest Panels at other music business events, such as Future Music Forum (19-21 September, Barcelona, Spain). The team at FastForward believes this year-round engagement and community building to be a major part of developing the music industry for years to come.